Starting Up

Our vision for this business is to build a long term relationship where you get the maximum benefit from relocating part of your practice to us.

Here’s how we go about it –
  • call us

    Step 1: Call us

    Telephone us for an initial discussion. Once we have an outline of your needs we will be happy to provide a detailed obligation free consultation.

  • consultation

    Step 2: First detailed consultation

    We will cover following points:

    • Existing systems
    • Data management
    • Our capabilities vis a vis your requirements
    • Short and medium term staffing needs
    • Existing process and cost structure vis a vis how we can improve both

  • Decision

    Step 3: Decide which service and what level of staff you want to start with

    We suggest starting simple and basic, much as most do in building a team in the UK. A graduate starting as a junior bookkeeper/accountant, to work at the direction of your manager in the UK. Alternatively, we can provide a senior staff at our end who will monitor a junior staff.

  • mumbai

    Step 4: Visit Mumbai/India

    If you expect to use us for any length of time, we recommend that you visit Mumbai, see our offices and meet our staff. We are happy to give you a credit of £900 against your first billings, for your flights and accommodation in this great city. This should cover a flight on a quality carrier and up to two days accommodation in a five star, European style hotel. You'll meet our co-founder , Mr Mayank Pandya, who will explain Mumbai platform and it would help you leverage your business. We will show you around Mumbai to give you a broader comfort.

  • IT

    Step 5: Get the IT sorted out

    For firms with good existing IT networks, we can move swiftly to accommodate those systems, often in a matter of days.

    From experience, for best advantage, the things you particularly need will be–

    • A recognised and compatible data storage system for paperless operations to cover the areas of work you need.
    • Broadband, VPN and server capacity to support full electronic communication.

    With remote desktop and cloud solutions around working in different offices has been very seamless and efficient, accordingly, dealings between between UK (on shore platform) and India (off shore platform) becomes seamless.

  • contract

    Step 6: Sign the contract and get the work started

    We will then sign the contract and start getting our staff work for you with due supervision.

  • quality

    Step 7: Quality Assurance

    We are strongly committed to quality throughout what we do. Our managers will be in touch with you regularly to get updates and feedback on how things are progressing.