Why Pinnacle Outsourcing Solutions is your safe choice?

Flexible pricing options
  • You can choose either hourly or fixed pricing option.
  • You can set budgeted time for hourly tasks.
  • You can also hire exclusive accountants to work for you.
Best practice and process
  • We offer ideas and recommendations for your process improvement.
  • We will document your process for future reference and changes.
Top quality professionals
  • Our team comprises of top-notch financial experts including Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Chartered Institutes of Management Accountants (CIMAs), Chartered Accountants (CA-India) etc who have extensive experience in industry specific accounting.
  • Our team has worked with accounting firms across the globe, driving bold ideas and pragmatic solutions.
  • We house qualified accounting graduates, ACCA's, CIMA's etc.
  • Our teams are Xero certified and are well versed with most of the accounting softwares.
Data protection guarantee
  • The Data Protection Act does not tend to classify us as a "data controller".
  • We have taken appropriate steps such as multiple layers of firewall to protect the network infrastructure.
  • Our India offices are protected by 24/7 security systems.
  • Non-compete and confidentiality agreement signed with all our staff.
Your trusted accounting outsourcing partner
  • When you choose Pinnacle Outsourcing Solutions as your accounting outsourcing provider, you don't get a supplier, instead you get a trusted partner. A partner who will work closely with you, understand your specific goals and help you achieve them. Our only aim is to make accounting outsourcing a happy, successful and rewarding journey for you.
  • When you plan to outsource accounting, you should look for 3 things:
    • Your cost benefits.
    • The expertise your outsourcing partner brings to the table.
    • How outsourcing will benefit you in the longer run.
  • Pinnacle Outsourcing Solutions provide you with all the above 3 features at a low cost.
  • Success in outsourcing is based on engaging people with the right expertise to the needy clients coupled with flexible terms. We recognise the same and our happy clients are the evidence of our claim. Pinnacle Outsourcing Solutions is your safest choice when you think about accountancy outsourcing.